The task of combating corruption is today the most acute for our society. Corruption in Russia has acquired not just a large-scale character, it has become a habitual, mundane phenomenon characterizing the specifics of our life. This is a disease that is eating away at the Russian social system from within, undermining the economy, adversely affecting the image of the state in the eyes of the world community. But the main thing is that corruption destroys public confidence in the government, in fact, negates all its decisions aimed at creating a free, democratic society.

All this is even more aggravated in the conditions of the economic crisis, when it is so important to ensure social stability in society. That is why the fight against corruption today is a priority task identified by the President and the Government of the Russian Federation.

In order to solve it, the National Anti-Corruption Plan was approved, the Anti-Corruption Council was active, the relevant federal law was adopted, and a whole package of anti-corruption regulatory legal acts was being developed. On the basis of these acts, the law of the Stavropol Territory “On Combating Corruption in the Stavropol Territory” was adopted;

But the laws will remain on paper, if you do not approach the solution of this problem in a comprehensive way, not to make it a national task, the task of everyone. It is necessary that each of us rebuilt his thinking, began to live, guided by civilized principles. After all, the laws will work effectively only when we are ready to execute them.

We hope that the creation of this section on the official website of the polyclinic will help to reveal the facts of corruption, reduce their number, cleanse our society of this evil. And here we look forward to your understanding and help.

On the issue of complaints of corruption you can contact by calling the following phone numbers:


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Independent assessment of the quality of service in medical organizations
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