General Polyclinic Orders: 

  Order №184-од «On the rates of write-off of gasoline»

Order №360-од «On approval of the Rules of Conduct for Patients and Other Visitors and the Rules for Using Wardrobe»

  Order №362-од «On the conduct of the annual inventory»

  Order №370-од «On approval of the accounting policy for the purposes of accounting and tax accounting of GBUZ SK "City polyclinic № 2" of the Stavropol city»

  Order №371-од «On the appointment of materially responsible persons for receiving, accounting, storage, consumption (vacation) and control of drugs and medical products» 

  Order №372-од «Accounting, storage and issuance of strict reporting forms in Stavropol City Clinical Hospital No. 2 of the city of Stavropol»

  Order №422-од «On approval of the Regulations on internal financial control»



Order №341-од «On the establishment of a box for citizens' appeals about the facts of corruption and the procedure for their opening»

Order №342-од «On Combating Corruption»

Order №343-од «On the change in the composition of the anti-corruption commission of the city health center “Polyclinic № 2” of the city of Stavropol (hereinafter referred to as the commission), approved on November 20, 2017»

Order №344-од «On the approval of the provision on informing the employer’s employees of cases of incitement to corruption offense»

Order №345-од «On approval of the Code of ethics and official conduct»

Order №346-од «On approval of rules governing the exchange of business gifts and signs of business hospitality»

Order №347-од «On the approval of the provision on the procedure for the prevention and (or) settlement of conflicts of interest»



  Information about the accounting policy of GBUZ SK "City Polyclinic № 2" in the city of Stavropol

Instructing on labor protection in a medical institution