Polyclinic's Administration Hotline: 618-333

Telephone hotline of the Ministry of Health of the Stavropol region: 8-800-200-26-03

Dear visitors!

Welcome to the official weebsite of State Budgetary Institution of Health care of the Stavropol region "City Polyclinic №2" of the Stavropol city. Modern diagnostic equipment and extensive experience of qualified polyclinic staff provide high quality medical care.

If you have questions about the provision of medical care, you can clarify all the necessary information with the deputy chief physicians and heads of departments:

  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer — Orlova Natal'ya Vasil'evna (tel.: 28-07-65)
  • Deputy chief physician for clinical expert work— Zaets Аnna Ivanovna (tel.: 28-07-65)
  • Deputy chief physician for organizational and methodical work — Inyutina Elena Аleksandrovna (tel.: 23-31-44 / 28-07-65)
  • Head of the department of narrow specialists — Tsemirdu Magdalini Semyonovna (tel.: 28-07-37)
  • Head of Therapeutic Department No. 1— Kerimova Zamira Kasumovna (tel.: 28-07-71)
  • Head of Therapeutic Department No. 2 — CHermnykh Elena Vladimirovna (tel.: 23-55-28)
  • Head of Therapeutic Department No. 3 — Аfanas'ev Nikolaj Evgen'evich (tel.: 23-31-44)
Registry phones:

Sincerely, Chief Doctor
Ul'yanchenko Maksim Ivanovich